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Amber Aromatherapy Oil

Amber Aromatherapy Oil

Amber Aromatherapy Oil (previously known as White Amber) is a classic Indian Attar. It is made in a traditional ancient method of pressure and distillation from tree resin. This blend is lightly ‘musky’ with overtones of amber & water.

*White Amber is a deeply relaxing scent, it aids in keeping the mind focused & is an excellent partner to any meditation practice.

Ingredients: Undiluted White Amber Attar, Vitamin E.

Aromatherapy works with the sense of smell. The 'aroma' triggers the pineal gland to activate the body’s chemistry, similarly to using the essential oils on the skin but in a more subtle manner.

Curandera Remedies' EO Blends are carefully developed therapeutic, aromatherapy fragrances. Each is made to offer nourishment to body & mind.

Our essential oils used are certified organic and the base formulas are made in micro batches. The White Amber is undiluted with a touch of Vitamin E.

Each individual bottle is packaged at time of order for the freshest product. The final oils are packaged in recyclable 1/4oz amber glass bottles to protect them from deterioration. The glass applicator is the best manner to keep your oil from contamination and can be used as a ‘dropper’ as well.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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